This process makes use of the highly esteemed StrengthsFinder assessment and aims to increase each team member’s personal awareness and appreciation of their own and other’s strengths. It is a visible investment in individual and team growth which could facilitate higher morale and greater motivation and engagement. The coaching provides valuable information to be used when deciding on job roles and managing team members according to their strengths, thereby motivating and enabling them to do their best work.


To ensure you get the right person for the job, psychometric assessments and interview assistance provides valuable information to help you make informed recruitment and selection decisions.


“The  psychometric and selection interview assistance provided by Miehe was very helpful in aiding our selection decisions. Miehe is well prepared, professional, does a lot of research and really goes the extra mile!”
– Entrepreneur, Business Owner

Depending on the need, I can provide a wide range of additional consulting services. You are welcome to contact me for more information