Change requires insight, followed by action. Coaching, which is conducted from a Positive Psychology perspective, motivates and empowers you to set and reach your personal and professional goals. It also focusses on your talents and growing these into strengths, rather than working on your deficiencies until they become tolerable.  


Couples gain an awareness, understanding and a new appreciation for each other’s strengths and needs. It also provides a platform for better communication, management of conflict and ultimately a stronger, more enriched relationship.


Go beyond personality to understand your subconscious drivers and experience true growth by forming habits that bring you closer to your desired life. [Available from April 2019]

“Sometimes you just need someone to help you figure out a way to reach your goals and to steer you in the right direction. Coaching helped me to gain greater perspective by realising what is really important to me. It boosted my self-confidence and helped me to stay motivated to achieve my goals.”
–Teacher and soon to be mother